Creating Good Canine Partners

Why we offer classes: Many of us have trained multiple obedience dogs and succeeded well in the ring, but at the end of the day, it is the bond you have with your dog you will always remember. We accept all dogs for training; shy, aggressive, young, old, timid, rescued or just exuberant. A dog learns to love the stucture of the classes and you will notice a remarkable improvement in your relationship with your pet.

How we train:  We use a combination of correction followed by immediate enthusiastic praise. Dogs learn quickly to obey by your side and once they gain confidence, you can start to acquire off-leash control. Our instructors are skilled in reading the dog and the owner, providing you with the skills you need to succeed.

Who we are: Marly Whiting started Canine College in Richfield in the 1950s. Before she had a dedicated indoor training space, she and her students trained outside in all kinds of weather! From her, we learned it isn't where you train but how, and her time-proven methods have carried on to this day. We Are Canine College!