Giving Thanks

When fall comes we wrap our memories around us like a soft, well worn coat. We take the coat out of our closet of memories and snuggle down for the winter. The trees have lost all their leaves and their branches extend into the sky like bristles on a hairbrush.

This season is for remembering and giving thanks. There is not a day that goes by that I don't remember my mom and I'm sure many others remember their parents now. I also can feel in my mind's eye the soft fur of many dogs who have heeled alongside me and now wait in heaven. How lucky we are to have found a sport and a training school that lets us be close to our dogs! Here at Canine College we are grateful for the new puppy owners who entrust their gentle pets to us for socializing and learning - thank you new pet owners! We are glad for the students who come to class week after week and whose presence helps us continue our spirit and reputation. And very importantly - we are grateful to our instructors! Mike, who takes the energy of beginning dogs and channels it into a dog who - gasp!- pays attention. JoAnna continues on in class 2 and Dean inherits us all in Novice - thank you! Pat helps with our novice dogs, Rose does the fun job of introducing and perfecting the jumping and fetching and Dorothy teaches our advanced class, utility with skill. We hope that some of your canine memories will meld with ours, then we can all wear our soft winter coats together.