Merry Christmas!

Some of my best times have been spent traveling to dog shows…Laughter, looking at the map or Garmin for directions, eating gas station snacks and staying in all sorts of motel rooms - where sometimes the kind staff negate the light sockets without light bulbs or the cracked tiles near the bathroom door. Old tiles, but kind hearts.

Which is a round about way to mention that our fellow classmate and puppy instructor, Sheryl Juhl, recently drove to Florida and placed 8th in the Novice class in the AKC Obedience Classic. Great job Sheryl! She and her dog, Grace, did an outstanding job in a truly competitive class. If you like obedience or rally and get a chance to travel to a show, do it. It is a lot of fun. And, even when things don’t go as well as planned or hoped, remember: these are the good old days…Hug you dog tight. Merry Christmas!