Driving west into peace

The feeling always hits me with surprise. Such a deep, satisfying whine kicks in-as if my deepest sense of peace is awakening-my soul's "solenoid" is being energized. This starts as I drive west on highway 7, past Hutchinson, where I lose a lot of the city traffic I have been following. Thinking my own thoughts, I continue west onto the heartland, the prairie. It feels like I am driving into an envelope of contentment. It is a 4 hour drive to the white farmhouse where my mom grew up. I feel so close to the sky and God that it seems I am rising up in my seat to meet it!

I always bring the dogs along, and the kitty. They are good travelers, and I have trained in many little wayside stops and DNR boat access spots. I think they are better-or I like to believe it, for being proofed with geese swimming 10 feet away, or by anglers fishing and baiting hooks! I think if I am happy here they are-and being on the prairie anchors me to the world. I know I am very lucky to have a place which fills me with such contentment and peace-and, especially, to know my heart is safe...

Well, good luck to all of us starting out on the new Open commands. We are vanguards of a whole change in obedience. Congrats to us for trying!