State Fair

August air molecules feel different - larger, expanded, like the bubble in which Glinda, the Good Witch, drifted off. They expand to hold all our sweet memories of the summer, with cricket chirps and cooling summer nights crowding is when we have accepted summer that the state fair begins.

This summer, to me though, has felt ill-fitting , like a coat you pick up where the buttons don't align and it feels a little bit tight across the shoulders. This is, I believe, because of our late spring blizzard! I still remember getting off work, looking out over the parking lot ledge - thinking, "I can make it!" and then praying on the way home down highway 100 - watching cars left and right go into snowdrifts and slide off the road. And because of this, the summer just hasn't felt right - a little rushed, kind of temporary. And now it is State Fair time. A time for nostalgia and folks wandering up and down lanes, just to be outside and together in our Minnesotan kind of way - before the leaves fall and football season starts. Our memories of years past and hopes for years ahead rise up together in our August air bubbles - all over Minnesota, hopes of our lives to come and remembrance of all the past that makes us "us". Good luck to everyone showing this fall - hold and hug your dogs tight - they are part of your precious bubble of life.