What happens when you break? When one incident shatters the glass facade through which you peer through and see life? If you train and show dogs, it will happen to you…It can be an ultimate disappointment and affect the way you go forward training and showing your dog. There are so many ways a dog can break our hearts when showing competitively…And people say “well, they’re just dogs”, but sometimes it seems more personal than that - painful. Breaking can also be from the vicissitudes of life: a divorce in the family or the death of someone close or just your normal temperament can break.

Perhaps with our dogs we feel more vulnerable - because it is just the two of us in the ring and we feel exposed. And we do love our pets so very much! So our clear glass pane, through which we see the world - cracks! A crevice forms and the defect is permanent. Then maybe we break again and another rift forms..the death of a dog you dearly love can break your heart…So now, instead of having a perfect sheet of glass to cover us as we march through life we have cracks. But bits of light can shine into us now, because the fissures, uneven and thorough, are letting the light of optimism and hope shine into us. We have a stained glass window now covering our soul. We can view the world through the hues; our wounds and disappointments, open ways for light to shine through…and our dogs are still here to enjoy the ride - still at our feet waiting for the ball to be thrown or the leash put on for a walk. So, I have to remember- disappointments are adding color to my life! I will try to remember that in obedience!