Prairie Volts

A volt is a unit of electrical force used to measure how much energy you have. volts move through transformers, which convert the energy into something you can use…Sitting by Big Stone Lake, on a dock where the boat access is, I feel grounded. I feel the volts of energy given off by the summer blue sky and feel the energy coming off the lapping waves.. My border collie won’t stay out of the water-he loves to swim-and the young lab won’t enter the water and the rat terrier runs along the shore to roll in a dead fish. They are grounded too! Such a peaceful, happy feeling…

Coming off the tough winter, the sunshine feels extra special. There were times, at -20, -30 below for an extended stretch, that it was hard to imagine what bolt of energy it would take for the trees and all green things to push their way up out of the frozen ground. I often wonder what power turns the switch on- to come alive again. It must be a cosmic volt-deep inside the ground.

When we say “grounded” it is a basis for measuring voltage-you go to the ground to see how much live voltage you have and you put a positive lead on that which you want to measure. There have to be receptors in my feet that ground me to the prairies of western Minnesota, and maybe my dogs -being lower to the ground-are receptors of positive energy too. When I pet them it releases their voltage and fills up my meter.

In competitive obedience, which I do, there are many seminars and professional instructors who have different ways of training your dog to be excellent, to “excel”. Past all that -I still think the number #1 thing is to “know your dog”. Really know and listen to how he/she responds to corrections, voice, leash? to ups and downs that learning a new skill involves, to repetitions, short practice, long practice-what does it take for you to be on the same page-the same wavelength. And what does it mean in the ring? Where is the voltage? Are you connected? After high scores have faded, my fondest memories are still seeing a little dog trotting alongside me-sometimes I can still feel the fur-the energy- of dogs long past-brushing my pants leg. Hug your dog and send that voltage UP THE METER!